The Star - The Star - Project by O'Brien Architects

The Star

O'Brien Architects Case Study, Interiors, Master Planning, Mixed Use, Office, Restaurants, Retail

Designing The Star Districtin Frisco TexasMore than a stadium, The Star in Frisco, Texas, is a first-of-its-kind complex that effectively reimagined how master planning can leverage mixed-use opportunities while catering to the demands of modern entertainment. At O’Brien Architects, we …

Alpha West - Project by O'Brien Architects

Alpha West

O'Brien Architects Case Study, Master Planning, Mixed Use, Office, Residential, Restaurants, Retail

AlphaWestenvisioning a placewhere life and work intertwine.Alpha West sits on a 14-acre site in Farmers Branch, Texas. This property was once occupied by several home furnishing retailers. Before becoming known as a retail stop, it was a homestead with most …