Carillon Parc

Carillon Parc in Southlake is designed to create a unique experience through a luxury, European-style regional destination with a pedestrian focused orientation. The development incorporates one-of-a-kind dining opportunities, premium hospitality, health and wellness services, boutique shopping, and public facilities surrounding a central park. Open green spaces and pathways link the different areas and speak to the family-focused community culture of Southlake.


Districts developed around common themes of luxury shopping, experiential dining, artisan craftsmanship, and connections to nature and the landscape provide a changing range of experiences for each visitor. Memorable outdoor amenity spaces and an existing preserve of trees tie in the natural greenery to the six distinct districts: The Piazza, The Boulevard, The Terrace, The Grand Hotel & Wellness, The Library, and The Parc. Walkways connect each area to give visitors a cohesive, pedestrian friendly experience.


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