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Perkins Rowe

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JTS Interests


Baton Rouge, LA


Mixed Use




1.5 million sq. ft.

Perkins Rowe

At 1.5 million square feet, Perkins Rowe includes office, retail, residential, restaurants, and theaters – but it was a long road to completion. Hurricane Katrina hit midway through bidding for Perkins Rowe, and as New Orleans immersed itself in recovery, building resources were suddenly in high demand. Despite the regional crisis and dramatic fluctuations in construction materials prices, JTS Interests forged ahead with the project.

Serving as the production architects, O’Brien developed creative solutions to keep the project within budget and stay true to the New Orleans French Quarter architectural style established by Design Development Group – materials and techniques used include tilt-wall construction, multifamily wood construction, lime stone, EIFS, antique lighting, metal brackets, canopies, canvas awnings, metal railings, clay tile shingles, and chimneys. The result is a vertically integrated, mixed-use town center that offers an urban lifestyle district to residents of Baton Rouge.

Client Testimonials

  • charlotte jones anderson - dallas cowboys

    Charlotte Jones Anderson

    Dallas Cowboys
    "O'Brien is about incredible architecture. They are an amazing team who works tirelessly, who burn the midnight oil. You talk about people with passion, they are a passionate team. O'Brien has lead us on an epic path of greatness. We are excited to continue with our partnership with Sean and his team."
  • shawn fulham - lincoln property company

    Shawn Fulham

    Lincoln Property Company
    "O'Brien has been a truly invaluable partner for Lincoln Property Company over the last 30 years. They have a comprehensive understanding of master planning, mixed use, and all the individual uses and components that make complex projects successful from both a design and financial standpoint. They have a long history of success, and always continue to stay on the cutting edge of design and development."
  • Lucy Billingsley, Billingsley Company

    Lucy Billingsley

    Billingsley Company
    "Sean O’Brien and team have the creativity, alacrity and flexibility to be great design partners. They listen closely and then bring all the historical architectural smarts and a fresh eye to creating places where you’d like to be. They first think through making the public realm inviting and then enrich that with great architecture."
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