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MW Builders Dallas Office

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MW Builders


Dallas, Texas




December 2022



14,280 SF

MW Builders Dallas Office

MW Builders, a renowned general construction company with a footprint spanning from Austin to Jacksonville, recently embarked on a mission to establish their mark in the DFW area. Their aspiration wasn’t just about building an office but crafting a space that resonates with their core values: teamwork, craftsmanship, and community involvement.

Understanding the significance of this being their maiden venture in the DFW zone, the overarching goal was to create a workspace that employees eagerly look forward to. Innovations like a spacious break room, a state-of-the-art gym complemented with showers, and diverse meeting spaces ranging from the open to the enclosed were introduced. Not just limited to employee welfare, the design also accounted for the wider community, integrating spaces conducive to hosting sizable events.

One of the standout architectural feats in the project is the garage doors leading from the break room into the training area. Beyond their visual allure, they epitomize functionality, aptly suiting the large-scale events MW Builders is known to host. Significant milestones of this venture included orchestrating a triumphant open house, ingeniously devising storage solutions catering to safety gear and promotional supplies, and, for O’Brien, the rewarding experience of collaborating with another notable GC in the area.

A solitary entity didn’t script the success narrative of this project. Key contributors spanned across Haggard Company’s Bill Rudd to MW Builders’ stalwarts like Charles Rombold, Shelby Roan, and Bridget Henderson, with a notable mention of O’Brien’s Jourdan Whatley RID, IIDA, NCIDQ.

For MW Builders, this Dallas office isn’t merely a workspace. It symbolizes their ethos and culture, a beacon inviting clients and partners to witness their values firsthand. It signifies their commitment to planting deep-seated roots in the DFW landscape, championing quality, community, and innovation.


Client Testimonials

  • charlotte jones anderson - dallas cowboys

    Charlotte Jones Anderson

    Dallas Cowboys
    "O'Brien is about incredible architecture. They are an amazing team who works tirelessly, who burn the midnight oil. You talk about people with passion, they are a passionate team. O'Brien has lead us on an epic path of greatness. We are excited to continue with our partnership with Sean and his team."
  • shawn fulham - lincoln property company

    Shawn Fulham

    Lincoln Property Company
    "O'Brien has been a truly invaluable partner for Lincoln Property Company over the last 30 years. They have a comprehensive understanding of master planning, mixed use, and all the individual uses and components that make complex projects successful from both a design and financial standpoint. They have a long history of success, and always continue to stay on the cutting edge of design and development."
  • Lucy Billingsley, Billingsley Company

    Lucy Billingsley

    Billingsley Company
    "Sean O’Brien and team have the creativity, alacrity and flexibility to be great design partners. They listen closely and then bring all the historical architectural smarts and a fresh eye to creating places where you’d like to be. They first think through making the public realm inviting and then enrich that with great architecture."
  • Image

    Kyle Nix

    Pritchard Associates, Inc.
    "I always enjoy working with the O’Brien team. They are very responsive and efficient, and work well with ownership to help keep projects on time and on budget."
  • John Griggs - Presidium

    John Griggs

    Presidium Group, LLC
    "O’Brien, some of the most skilled in the country and truly design iconic structures. The team works hard and commits to every detail. You can expect them to drop everything, meet deadlines, work with the budget. They are just the best."
  • Presidium Group, LLC Logo

    Josh Eames

    Presidium Group, LLC
    "O’Brien is one of our most trusted partners. O’Brien team, Your efforts are always top notch and you nail every project out of the park. You are key partner for us."
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