Cole Ranch

Cole Ranch encompasses what was once a thriving cattle ranch into a master planned community that honors the location’s rich history – the original homestead remains as an anchor for the development. An ideal location for living, it comprises more than 3,000 acres of commercial, civic, entertainment, and single family properties. The neighborhoods are linked together by roads, hike and bike trails, and greenways. Also incorporated into the community are an artist colony, retail and restaurant locations, and a community center.

O’Brien Architects is involved in strategy, branding, master planning, and development of architectural character, working closely with the client through all phases of the process. The Vision Book created by O’Brien pays homage to the area’s native flora and fauna – a heritage of deer and buffalo grazing the tall grass prairie along water’s edge, towering oaks and willows, and a variety of species including the peregrine falcon, black-capped vireo, and gray fox.

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