October 30, 2015

Happy Halloween!!

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A Big Thanks for all the employees who participated in the Halloween Costume Contest! First Place went to Amador and Matt for the Beaker and Bunser Costume! Well done guys!

Check out all of the Costumes:

Patra_Halloween_2015 Mark_Halloween_2015 Vania_Halloween_2015 Jourdan_Halloween_2015 Jonathan_Halloween_2015 Alison_Halloween_2015 Tien_Halloween_2015 David_Halloween_2015 Mark_Halloween_2015 (2) Derek_Halloween_2015 IMG_20151030_095904 Gary_Halloween_2015 Chris_Halloween_2015 Amador & Matt_Halloween_2015 Andrew_Halloween_2015 Mark+Sunil

Beaker tired